CSE 103. A Practical Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Combinatorics. Distributions over discrete and continuous domains. Conditional probability and Independence. Bayesian inference. Random variables, expectation, mean, variance and covariance. Binomial and Poisson distributions. Markov and Chebyshev’s inequalities. Central limit theorem. Hypothesis testing. Regression, Information theory.

CSE 103 is not duplicate credit for ECE 109, Econ 120A, or Math 183.

Prerequisites: Math 20A and Math 20B.

Plan of classes

  • Week1: Introduction and motivation.
  • Week2: Sets and Counting.
  • Week3: Combinatorics
  • Week4: Basic Probability
  • Week5: Axioms and Conditional Probability
  • Week7: Random Variables
  • Week8: Special Distributions.
  • Week9: Regression and PCA
  • Week10: Information theory


The final number grade will be on the scale of 0-100. With bonus points

  • 60 points Grades on EdX homework. The lowest 2 grades will be dropped.
  • 40 points Final Exam
  • up to 10 Bonus points for participation in class/section/online discussions.

  • There will be no Midterms.