Welcome to CSE103, Fall 2016

In this class you will learn the foundation of probability and statistics. CSE Majors are required to take one class in Probability and Statistics which can be either this class, or Math 183.

The diffference between this class and Math183 is its emphasis on applications of probability and statistics, in various domains, and especially in computer science.

Setting Expectations

While this class is more oriented to computer science than Math183, it is a class in Mathematics. This means that the class emphasis is on mathematical concepts and notation and on how to apply these concepts to practical problems. The class is not about memorizing a set of equations and rules for how to apply them.

The first two weeks are a review of material taught in CSE21. CSE21 is not a prerequisite, but if you take CSE21 first the class would be much easier for you.

The class will use several resources:

  • Piazza for discussion
  • Open-EdX for HW assignments and explanatory videos.
  • Textbooks
  • Slide decks

Waiting List

If you are on the waiting list for the class. I recommend that you that you fully participate in the class (attend lectures and do HW) for the first two weeks of the quarter. Registered students can drop out of the course within that time period with no consequene, and students whose name is in the waiting list will be able to register. HW assignments are open for only one week so you will not be able to make them up later.

The instructor and TAs do not manage the waiting list, please direct questions about waiting list and registration to the student affairs office (on the first floor of the computer science department, next to the elevators.)

What you need to do

Piazza and open-edX require registration. All registered students for the class, as well as those on the waiting list, should have an account on each of these sites.You can find information for how to register on the corresponding tabs at the top of this page.