These textbooks are optional

  1. OpenIntro Statistics is an excellent book about statistics and statistical inference.

  2. Introduction to probability by Grinsted and Snell. This book is a thorough introduction to probability. It covers much more than we cover in CSE103. Go to this book when you feel that the class notes are not sufficient.

  3. Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers by Allen Downey. This book makes extensive use of code example in python to explain statistical concepts in a way that makes sense to programmers.

Cheat Sheets

The main concepts and formulas used in the course can be found here. You can use these cheat sheets in seveal ways:

  1. As an aid when doing homework.
  2. As a way to review material you learned to see that you understand the formulas and know how to use them.
  3. While you will not be allowed to bring this sheet with you to the exam. I recommend that you use it to create your own cheat sheet. This cheat sheet can be created by hand and can fill both sides of a single letter sized sheet of paper.